LifeScanner is a research translation project run out of the University of Guelph with a simple focus - improve access to biodiversity knowledge through DNA and improve access to DNA sequencing technology. We have an interdisciplinary team of energetic people that are passionate about making a positive impact on society.


Sujeevan Ratnasingham Principal Investigator

Sujeevan Ratnasingham is one of the founding researchers of the DNA barcoding technology and has led the development of the novel software and bioinformatics tools that enables scientists, students and citizen scientists worldwide to catalogue and identify animal, plant, and fungal species.

He is an Associate Director(Informatics) of the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics and Chair of the Informatics Working Group of the International Barcode of Life Project. His interest in bringing DNA Barcoding technology to the general public spurred the development of an integrative solution, which became LifeScanner.

  • Has been coding since before it was cool and is a mastermind of software development. Lucky for us, he’s a natural mentor and is always sharing his know-how while thinking one step ahead.

Dean Chan

  • Quick on his feet and dedicated to his craft, this agile programmer clearly takes cues from his UFC idols. Contributing to both front and back end development, he’s most known for crushing code like a champion.

Mohammed 'Zak' El-Bastami Software

  • Productivity guru slash Project Manager slash Data Geek. Fuelled by soy lattes and propelled by the excitement of discovery.

Megan Milton
Data Coordination

  • With experience spanning from forensics to citizen science projects, and single sample to high throughput sequencing, you may say her speciality is this: providing answers to the curious.

Janet Topan
DNA Sequencing